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About our sample

We can reach nearly 1,000,000 respondents from 10 countries eager to share their opinions. For more information on our reach in each of these countries, check out our panel book. That includes a variety of consumer and business audiences - teenagers, mothers, gamers, decision makers and many others.

Our methodology is designed for validity and consistency. It consists of measures such as behavioral analysis, randomization, device fingerprinting, and others.

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Targeting & pre-screening

We profile our respondents using the attributes below. Additionally, we can apply real-time pre-screening. We already have a database of hundreds of pre-screening questions, but we can quickly create new ones if necessary.

Basic attributes - Age, Gender, Ethnicity, Education
Household - Household income, Primary grocery shopper, Own/rent home, Marital status, Age/gender of children, Language spoken at home, Pets
Employment - Employment status, Industry, Company size, Department, Job title
Miscellaneous - Car ownership, Type/brand/year of car, Computers/mobile devices owned, Gaming consoles owned, Mobile phone provider, Medical conditions

Want to know more about our sample?

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